Giclees on Canvas

Giclee is a technology for fine art or photograph reproduction

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Canvas Prints & Wraps in Metairie & New Orleans

For the discerning artist, another of our services is our truly fantastic canvas prints.  We use the same archival quality ink on our top of the line wide format canvas. We not only offer printing, but we can do a canvas stretch on a variety of custom fit canvas and frames, using regular and heavy duty stretcher bars, hand built to fit your creation.  We provide not only a regular Canvas Wrap, but we also have the option of upgrading your painting to a Gallery Wrap for those pieces that are worth the extra investment.

canvas art printing new orleans

The Ink

The world of printing lies predominantly in two categories : Inkjet and laser.  Both types rely on what’s called CMYK, which uses three colors mixed to get the entire rainbow and the last is black. Giclee expands on this process using Inkjet, using 10-12 different colors of archival quality pigment based ink. This allows for a greater control in not only the color palate but how it shows very small details like brush strokes.

canvas art prints new orleans

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