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Fingerprinting Services in Metairie & New Orleans

A trained staff at Mail and Copy Ceter assisting a customer for Fingerprinting services.
Fingerprinting Services

Mail and Copy Center offers high quality fingerprinting work at competetive prices in the New Orleans, LA area and we guarantee our experience and attention to detail.

We quality check each set of prints taken to ensure they will be accepted by the requesting agency. The fingerprints can be on the standard FBI form FD-258 or on any other form that you may bring. Each card contains 10 Fingerprints and it depends on the agency weather they ask for one card or multiple cards.  We are known for our expert fingerprinting  services and we understand the importance of having this done correctly the FIRST time.

Our work is fully guaranteed. Mail and Copy Center technicians are experts in fingerprinting and have an excellent record of providing classifiable fingerprint recordings.



An image of a person giving fingerrints on a FBI form FD-258 with the pricing of this service mentioned at the bottom.

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