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The Ever-Green Yard Sign Marketing

Undoubtedly, the digital era has changed almost everything. But attention-grabbing boards for the foot traffic are still the game-changers.

Yard signs don’t put a big dent in your wallet and easily communicate what you want. Whether you are selling a house, announcing an upcoming event, want to share about the new working hours, or just want to show gratitude towards consumers, yard signs are the best choice.

What’s more, these signs are for everyone, from real estate agents and community activists to educational institutions and entrepreneurs.

Still, wondering how to use them? Fret not! Keep reading the article to unlock creative ideas for yard sign messages:

Yard Sign Message Ideas

Engage the walk-in clientele with these fantastic messages:

Reopening Message

At times, you temporarily close your business. But telling consumers that you are now reopening is essential to get the in-store clients back. If not for a purchase, loyal clients may stop for a while to just say hello.

However, make sure to include the following points in your welcome-back or now-open message:

  • Your reopening date
  • New working hours
  • Any special reopening discounts

Discount Message

If you have competitors around you, putting up a yard sign with a special discount is a fantastic idea to catch consumer interest. Even if your former clients are trying out competitors’ products, a discount offer will give them a chance to think over to switch back.

Below are some core points that can add more weightage to your discount message:

  • Create a sense of urgency by using action phrases like hurry up, shop now, etc.
  • Mention the discount percentage.
  • Clearly state the ending date of the discount.
  • Do not forget to highlight one core benefit of your product/service.

Event Announcement

Another common use of yard signs can be seen in announcing events. Be it a concert or a wedding, Halloween, or a graduation ceremony, yard signs can be seen everywhere.

A yard sign should include everything a guest is likely to question. A few of these things are mentioned below:

  • Title
  • Date of your event
  • Duration and key highlights
  • Special guests and dress code
  • A short description
  • CTA

What Are the Features That Can Make a Yard Sign Stand Out?

You can make the most of yard signs by following these tips and tactics:

Use Bright Colors to Grab Attention


Bright colors are visually appealing and can be easily seen by pedestrians as well as passing vehicles. Most importantly, they show enthusiasm and energy, leaving a positive psychological impact on the viewers. Similarly, the message becomes clear and readable in colors like red, yellow, and green when there are so many other colors in the surrounding area.

Pick Simple Fonts for Easy Readability

Fonts like Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Georgia are some suitable choices for yard signs. They are simple and easy to read even from a distance. If you choose other fonts like Papyrus or Bradley Hand, you may spoil the core purpose of yard signs, which is to deliver your message.

Do not Ignore the Text Size

After paying attention to everything, do not neglect the size of the text. Too small size will bother the readers, giving them a tough time. And consumers won’t try too hard, they pass by after a second or so. Therefore, keep a font that can be easily readable by people of all ages.

Creating such yard signs is not at all difficult. Mail and Copy Center is there to design and print customized yard signs that can leave a lasting impression on your customers.


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